Monday, July 25, 2011

She Wore a Yellow Polkadot........Dress!

This dress was on a display at the Vintage Fair on Saturday and it just kept LOOKING at me.
But it was way too 'out there' even by my standards.

Eventually I gave in and tried it on.

The fitting room is situated in the middle of the fair so you need to come outside of it to look properly in the mirror. At least a dozen people convinced me to buy it, even tho I felt very conspicuous.

It's a classically 50's style, even in bright yellow. I wore it yesterday and it generated an insane amount of comments so I'm convinced it does suit me after all.

The collar has been removed and made detachable so I plan on getting this re-attached to how it was originally. Otherwise it's in great condition for being 60 years old. Even the velvet polkadots are still nice and dark and the rhinestone studded cuffs and collar are all original.

Hair Flower: Dynamite-Darlin on ebay
Stockings: Sportsgirl fishnets in black
Shoes: Rhinestone heels by London Rebel, Highpoint
Petticoat: Frilly gold cheapo from eBay, Hong Kong.

What do you guys think?


  1. I think it looks awesome! Also it's cool to think how much that dress has "seen" over the years. Would be fun to be able to find vintage clothes sometimes!

  2. I love this dress on you! You always have the greatest vintage finds!

  3. You look amazing!! I'm so jealous! I want that dress!
    Grace xx

  4. I love this outfit. The dress and those shoes... gorgeous!

  5. You look so fantastic!!!! Love love love love!!!!

  6. You look gorgeous love the large spot and the cape style collar!

  7. Helga. I wonder that also about my clothes. I would love to see the original owners!

    Rachel. Unfortunately they aren't bargains tho! It would be nice to say this dress only cost $10!

    Thanks Grace. Sorry but Miss 10 wants it when she's "bigger"!

    Thx Stef!

    Thanks Nihrida! They are a mongrel to walk in tho, escpecially with stockings on..slide more than walk!

    Thx Claire! I just realised u had a blog! I followed today.

    Thx Leah! Did you end up going on the weekend?

  8. This is totally you! Love this dress :)

  9. I love your outfit, you look purrrty! :)

  10. LOVE! Your style is amazing! I love to see all the great clothes you wear!

  11. Omg that dress is Crazy-Awesome!! So bright! It suits your hair :-D

  12. You look awesome in it, though it's not for the faint of heart. Clearly that's not a problem for you! Do you ever just wear jeans or sweatpants? Just curious...

  13. Gorgeous dress and shoes, I love them :)

    Would you like to visit my blog?

  14. OMG! Totally fab. You always look amazing.

  15. Well, good job to those people convincing you to buy the dress, You look amazing! I love the color and pattern, and you definitely can wear it. The heels are awesome too... I love the shape.
    I'm jealous of your crazy awesome fashion sense... (& finds)

  16. GREAT!!!!
    Today I was in a clothes store and I've tried this polka dress I didn't find my size, but, I swear, I thought about you! XD

  17. I FREAKING LOVE THIS! *_* omg so cute! I reminds me of a Disney fairytale or something!

  18. Thanks Anutka, Michelle and Jennifer!

    Thanks Esz!

    GlitterM. Yes, at home!

    Thanks Lolly and Laura!

    Cool Gnoma! Did you buy it?

    Lulu. Maybe a weird polkadotted Disney character!

    Frances. Cool, I love being told I'm crazy...thanks!

  19. i've never commented on your blog before... i have to comment now. that dress is absolutely adorable on you!!! wonderful!! i am green with envy! :D :D

  20. Love, love, LOVe. You look amazing in that dress.

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  22. Haha! Very, very nice one. The song rang directly into my mind. (if you know which song, clap your hands!)

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  23. Girl, you look simply amazing. <3

  24. I can't believe how adorable you look!!!! Love this dress. Your whole look is so sweet. Love looking at your outfits.


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