Friday, July 22, 2011

How To Do Vintage Nails

Doing a manicure Vintage style is ridiculously easy and looks endlessly classy. Here is a basic step by step guide to nails to match your Vintage outfits!

Step 1. Pic out a FAB Redder than Red nail polish. A few of my go-to colors are: MAC Obey Me, OPI Red my Fortune Cookie, China Glaze High Maintenance for a darker red Vamp look and Essie Jelly Apple.

Do your hands a favour and give them a good rubbing down with a manicure scrub. I love my wonderful scrub Tiffany sent me and use it at least once a week. It brightens up my cuticles, takes any any dry ugliness on them and wakes up my hands with all that lovely grittiness.
Next, tidy up your cuticles by soaking them in a cuticle remover and gently pushing them back with a cuticle tool or orange stick.

Now they are ready to look elegant!

Source some ring binder stickers from your local newsagent. This box of 250 cost me $1.50 and will last forever. I rip them in half so they will essentially last 2 lifetimes! You can use French Manicure stickers is so desired.

Place the rounded edge where the natural line of your lunar is on your nails. I like my nails to show only a little down the bottom 'a-la Authentic-ly' but I have seen other Vintage ladies place them almost halfway up their's up to you.

Apply your desired nail polish color. Feel free to paint over your stickers, no need to mind the cuticles on this manicure! I used 2 coats of OPI Red my Fortune Cookie.  Let them dry. Peeling off the stickers too quickly will give you an uneven line and peel some of it away.

   A note on the ring binder sticker:  altho a LOT less cheaper than french manicure stickers, they do not adhere as well onto the nail.  Mine lifted around the edges of the circle and no amount of pressing down would make them stay flat.  This can be fixed tho if it happens (like mine above) on!

Grab a cotton bud and soak in a little nail polish remover and clean up those semi-circles.  Very lightly dab it around the nail polish line or else you will smear it and have to start all over again.
Finishing with a topcoat will smooth down those semi-circles and make them look FABBO!

Apply lashings of hand cream and don't forget your elbows!


  1. this is a cool idea! im definitely heading out to my local .99 cent store to grab em! thanks for sharing :D

  2. Hah! Who would have thought that it could be that easy. Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  3. It`s like a Half Moon mani. I love your Redder than Red nail polish:)

  4. That ring is lovely! And that mani too! =)

  5. Darn, I used to have a box of those things. I finally got rid of them because I had no use for them. They have a good use now. Very pretty and so neat. I'm very sloppy!

  6. Nice trick!! I will do it for sure =)

  7. really lovely idea :)
    so jealous of all the gorgeous bright reads you have!! x

  8. Carli l will giving this a go l love this look!

  9. thanks for the tip! I will try it.

  10. thanks for the tip! I will try it.


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