Sunday, July 17, 2011

OPI Extravagence

I have featured this color before but it's just so ridiculously lovely, it's coming back for an encore.

2 coats of OPI DS Extravagence and stamped with Warm Black Konading. Finihsed with a coat of Seche QD.    First photo is under artificial light, second photo is outside in natural sunlight.

Isn't it glorious? Not a holo as such, more of a scattered rainbow goodness thru a Berry Burgundy. I also had a large chop down of my nails. I much prefer them this length but they grow so quickly in this freezing cold weather. I thought bodies had a shut down during Winter and didn't grow as much? Except for waistlines that is.

Have you entered my new Sigma giveaway yet?


  1. That is soooo pretty!

  2. I love this color! Good choice on stamping as well ^^

  3. I love this polish. The glowing, lit from within quality is truly special and beautiful. It looks lovely on you. :)

    I did enter. My fingers are crossed. :D

  4. This is one of my favorites from DS's.
    Dear Carli, thank you so much for the polishes, they are sooooo pretty.

  5. That looks so fantastic! *drools*

  6. How pretty! <3 I love the new O.P.I. Designer series more than I thought I would <3 lovely!
    And ooo nope am going to have to enter that sigma giveaway right now! :D

  7. Just stunning this color def deserved the encore, btw love the new layout.

  8. Imfeelingnail-venterous. Mmmm, I know!

    Thank you Yasmin. I thought black might have been too dark but it looked really nice.

    Thx Ice Queen. You are gorgeous!

    Carolina! Thank goodness it went thru! I couldnt send as many as I would have liked or else the box would have been scanned and returned. I will make it up to you one day!

    Claire. Wipe it up!

    Good luck Claire!

    Beauxs Mom. Thanks! I prefer my new look too.

  9. the stamped nails remind me a lot of those magic eye images i used to do when i was younger. the pattern looks like its floating!

  10. I love this polish !

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  11. I have a mini of this colour I love it!

    shel xx

  12. Silvana. This is the third time you have told me about your blog and Shirleys plate review. Please email me in the future.

    Irishenchantment. Grab a big bottle, you need it!

    Cathryn and Adriana. Thanks guys!

  13. DS extravagance is one of my all time favourite polishes! I love love love love it! Your pix are great!!

  14. wow just wow! i love everything about this mani!


  15. i love extravagance...its one of my favorite polishes! :)

  16. I love Extravagance, it's actually on my toes right now :) And it looks great with the flowers konaded on top :D

  17. Before I came onto this page I was just thinking about how much I wanted no, NEEDED, this polish haha. There is nothing wrong with posting a polish twice if it looks like that. Post it a million times!

  18. I just love this shade. I could never stamp on it because it's just to gorgeous to cover up. I do like your stamp however. I find whenever I paint my nails I just can't cover up any polish!

  19. Thanks guys!

    Bex. And the best thing is, it's still available for sale and not discontinued!

    Lucy. I did think twice about stamping on it, but you know I can never leave a good mani alone!

  20. I personally wouldn't mind if you posted a mani with this every day for a month straight! It's beauuuuutiful.

    (PS I will get on that red lip FOTD eventually, I did do one and the photos were poo D: sorry it's taken so long!)


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