Friday, August 12, 2011

GREAZEFEST! Fashion Parade

First of all, Greazefest is not your average Vintage Fair.  In fact, it's kind of not Vintage at's a Rockabilly / Psychobilly Fest.  If you normally wear Vintage, then for this day you pull out your Reproductions instead......the slutty kind.  As in boobs popping out, short little mini swing dresses and the highest platform shoes you own.
I met several normally die-hard 40's Vintage wearing associates and they were all wearing Repro.

Case in point:

Normally my boobs stay inside my clothes as I am way too shy (and ladylike) to have them even peeking out. But Greazefest is Greazefest and instead of being ogled, my cleavage was in keeping!

On to the Fashion Parade. The Parade is an enter yourself affair and as far as I am aware, anyone can do it. A few businesses enter themselves to show off their dresses or bathing costumes, but mainly it's cute little strumpets who want to strut their stuff.

Handmade retro style swimsuits.

Let's get a closer look at that hair.  Victory Rolls!

Doesn't she look gloriously divine?

Repro diner's waitress uniform....Greazfest-ified!

This guy was so embarassed!  His face was beet red, but everyone WAS wolf whistling and screaming.

I love this dress, it's so Alice and cute.  But my sister said I'm too old for it.

OK, that's all Blogger is going to let me upload for today. Hope you guys have enjoyed my Greazefest posts!

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  1. I love those high waisted paints and red striped shirt girl! So cute and her outfit is just great!

  2. Thx for sharing...lovin the necklace that I know you're very talented!

  3. They look smashingly beautiful!! And you're sooo sexy and sweet~XD I'm more interested in vintage fashion now;p Thank you for lots of great photos!!

  4. Those sailor pants are to die for!

  5. I adore high waist a lot (even though i dont have any). I always look to your blog for inspiration for vintage clothes id like to use for a photo shoot im working on.
    Just waiting to get the fashion designer and hair stylist who are as interested in vintage fashion and makeup as i am

  6. Everyone looks so amazing! Your girls look quite good there. You should let them show more often! Love the sailor inspired look. Gorgeous ladies!

  7. Oh my gosh, they are all so cute! And LOL poor guy XD

  8. I love this style! I wish I could've been there. You look great, even if you feel too ladylike/shy for it normally, that is a great look for you. No matter what your sister says, I think that other dress would look good on you too, it's so cute.

  9. That floral swimsuit! (I used to have one just like it but in red), the nautical outfit! LOVE.



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