Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Few Vintage Looks

With my new 50's silver confetti Lucite bag I picked up for $50. Very posh.

Top: $2.50 closing down store sale
Skirt: 50's novelty Flamenco full circle
Necklace: as made by me
Flowers: Dynamite-darlin on ebay
Bakelite: sourced from ebay

You have all seen the booby shot of this outfit but here it is in full scale. With a still undressed Miss 3.

Cardi: Bombshell leopard syle, new from ebay
Skirt: 70's full circle
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Shoes: platform leopards from ebay
Flowers: Dynamite-darlin on ebay
Bakelite: sourced from ebay

I really liked wearing this outfit and it must have showed cause I got heaps of comments. Especially from my Grandma, who is a bit dubious at my choice of decade at the best of times.

I love the pockets on it.

Cardi: Seven Angels, Bendigo
Top: as above
Skirt: 50's Atomic print circle skirt from Bells Belle's
Shoes: Naughty Monkey
Bakelite from ebay
Flowers: Dynamite-darlin, ebay
Snood: handmade on Etsy

Yes, I am demure.

The gorgeous family at The Ginger Factory in Queensland. Altho you can tell I'm in holiday makeup mode ....I look hooded and squinty due to lack of excessive black eyeliner.  Yuck.

Overalls: Freddies of Pinewood
Top: Seven Angels
Lobster: 40's brooch
Earrings: new rhinestone cherries, ebay
Bakelite: sourced from ebay


  1. I was going to say that the third skirt actually looked like one of grandma's skirts - thought you might have raided her closet...no wonder she liked it. xx

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Such gorgeous, perfectly put together looks! <3

  3. wow! gorgeous looks, definitely such an inspiration.

  4. Like your shoes in the first picture :)
    By the way, I tagged you in my blog: My seven deadly sins in beauty
    Would be cool if you joined! ^^

  5. Hi, great blog! I have a bakelite question for you. In during your vintage hunting, have you ever come across bakelite bangles that have a larger inner diameter than 2 1/2 or 2 5/8 inches?

  6. Gorgeous looks. You always look wonderful.
    Just wondering if your entering the Vintage Pin-Up competition. I saw it on the mX in Melbourne yesterday.
    I think you could easily win

  7. Nah, I dont think G'ma had anything that nice Zo!!

    Thanks idrinknailpolish!

    Thx Leah!

    Thanks Holly and Barby!

    Thanks Naekubi, for the tag. I will try and list it asap!

    Anon. Yes, that size is common and desirable if they are also nicely carved with patterns. If you see one, grab it!

    Thanks Cat. I didn't know there was a comp on but wouldn't enter anyway....I'm way too old for that stuff. I'll leave it up to the young rockabilly chicks!

  8. These are really cute outfits! Love the shoes!

    I saw this video today, and immediately thought of you - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7JxfgId3XTs

  9. You have such a beautiful family. Such pretty misses! Your outfits are all fantastic. I really enjoy looking at them.

  10. Luve the video Lizzie, thanks heaps for sharing!

    Thanks Lucy. I like showing my wardrobe, makes the spending slightly more justifiable!!

  11. Ugh I always love your outfits, and that bag is too cute!


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