Monday, August 29, 2011

Spectraflair Cherry & Morbid Holos

I'm still on a roll with my franken holos! I'll lump 2 into one post for you.

This one was made with Rimmel Black Cherry, a little clear and Spectraflair.

One coat.

And this was made with Wet n Wild's Morbid which is a blackened green, a little clear abd Spectraflair.

As you can see it is almost black looking but slightly murky.

I think I like it.

I have a failed orange holo also which is not nice enough to show.  I need more recipes....who has some recommendations for me?


  1. Love these! I wonder if you could make a silver linear polish with spectraflair in a clear base?

  2. Your on a good roll with these. I've only made about 3 polishes up with my Spectraflair. I've tried many times to make a white one but they all suck. I love that you've managed to make some nice dark holos. I recommend adding some to an Ozotic multichrome, I used 505, it was amazing.

  3. The second one is totlly awesome *___*

  4. I love them both -you are definitely the nai polish queen of the universe!

    Sarah xxx

  5. Wow!!
    They both are awesome!!
    This purple is really cool!!

  6. I love all the frankens you have made with Spectraflair but my favorite is the purple one, it's amazing.

  7. So awesome. I am in love with both of them!

  8. oh i love the purple one its gorgeous!

  9. I'd love to see you do something with green. Green polish is my very favorite. Love both of these that you added the Spectraflair. I also want to see your fail. I bet it's not a fail at all.

  10. I think I am falling in love ^^ nice polishes :)


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