Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GREAZEFEST! Micheline Pitt's MakeUp Class

I'm baaaaaaaack! Back from the warmth to the freezing cold and rain!

Greazefest was great and I took millions of photos. Today is dedicated to the awesome Micheline Pitt, who was one of the guests of this year's Greazefest and hosted a couple of pinup classes for the girls. She also did the rounds of the Fair meeting and posing which was awesome. She is also super nice, as well as being super sexy.

 To start with, here is her butt. It's the most gorgeous butt in the world and the first 3 photos are dedicated to it.

She wore her own label Deadly Dames, Tiger print jumpsuit, leather jacket and a custom made diamonte studded bone hairband.  Cool.

I was in the morning class and the model was Teer. Here is her 'before' photo.

The steps were:
Micheline hot ironed her whole hair into ringlets, pinning each curl up with an alligator clip until she was ready to style her hair. This allowed the hair to cool completely and setting the curl completely into a tight ringlet.

She then started on Tia's face with a primer, allowing it to settle for several minutes. Then foundation, concealer and eye primer.  Eyebrows were custom mixed to match her hair color and expertly filled in.  She highlighted her cheeks with bronzer, then blush and finished with a white sparkly highlighter along the top of her cheek bones for a luminescent glow.
Then she brushed a translucent powder all over her face to settle everything in. Eyes were next with a sweep of neutral matte eyeshadow over her eyes and up her to her brow bone. And then higlighted the crease to the corner of her eyes with a slightly darker taupe. Cat eye liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes applied with a black glue. And mascara, of course.

  Lips were outlined with a darker red than the lip color pencil, then powder puffed over to settle in the lipstick, before a final coat of lippie was applied.

Micheline then took out her ringlets and ran her fingers thru them. This was a major A-HA moment for me as I always brush out my ringlets with an frizz free ionic brush, which still results in major frizz and lots of pomade to smooth everything down. It makes total sense NOT to use a brush....why didn't I think of it myself??

Flowers with rhinestones absolutely complete the look. I think you can agree with me that Teer went from a make-up-less Caterpillar into a beautiful Butterfly.

Micheline crouching down to pose with little old Me and Miss 3. I can't believe she crouched embarrassing.    But LOOK...she was eating fries!!
I'm not normally a groupie but the husband literally dragged my arm and pushed me towards her for a photo. I punched him in the arm really hard.

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Shoes: Miss L. Fire
Bangles: Vintage bakelite
Necklace: Cherries made by Me
Bolero: NOS in a second hand store
Cat Eye Sunnies: eBay

Miss 3's Outfit: Rock Your Baby
Hi-Tops: Cotton On Kids

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the Fair in general and another post for the Fashion Parade.


  1. Man, Micheline is so stunning!! I've been a fan of hers for a long time. I'm so jealous that you got to meet her, but also glad to hear that she is such a sweetie.

    I actually did the finger combed ringlets on Saturday night! I have fabulous bendy hot rollers that make the best ringlets.

    This pic is goofy, but you can see my hair fairly well -

    Slightly less goofy, but lighting isn't great

  2. Never heard of her until now. but you can be sure that her clothes will be the point of reference for all my vintage shoots. And i love what she did on the model

  3. Cool Kaz! YOu look completely 40's! AND you are so cute, why didn't you tell me that before??

    Barby1923. Google Micheline's images, she is gorgeous.

  4. What a transformation!!! and that butt did she have some help or is it real?.....

  5. You both look absolutely great! Your hubby is a smart one :>

  6. I want a pin up lesson! You look great btw. :)

  7. That looks like such a blast! I'm totally impressed with the transformation she did with that model. I wonder if I could convince my hair to do that...

  8. First you look amazing and fantastic looking. Miss 3 looked super adorable. I love the dress. I adore anything with a cherry print. Love anything with cherries. Also love eating them! I've never heard of Micheline Pitt before. She does beautiful work. Plus she is stunning! I'm glad your husband made you pose with a picture. Cute that she crouched down with you.

  9. She is stunning, I want her style! Great makeover too, and cute ~fan photo ;]

  10. Micheline wears hip & butt pads so you could have an awesome butt too!


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