Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vintage Nails Modernised!

Inspired by Nailside comes my take on a Vintage manicure style.

I went to another Vintage Fair this weekend and always do my Vintage style nails when attending one. Instead of a normal rounded half moon, I thought I'd try a sticky tape zigzag theme instead, as this seems to be the 'in' thing in the manicure world at the moment!

I started with a thin coat of a generic Black and a coat of Seche QD cause I'm super impatient. After about 10 minutes I stuck my zigzagged cut pieces of tape along my cuticles and pressed down firmly.
Starting with a black base meant that I had to seriously layer my top color and because I picked OPI Cajun Shrimp, which is a thin sheer Coral, I had to do 3 coats of it to make it appear opaque.

When it was dry I peeled off the tape and finished with a coat of Seche QD.
Easy peasy, just a little time consuming waiting for layers to dry. I recommend doing this watching a not so interesting movie.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. ooh I want to try this! They came out amazing!

  2. love this. especially the color combination.

    ✿ MissKatV ✿

  3. nicely done! I love the choice of colors!

  4. Really like it! I'm gonna try this one this evening. Is this a trendy manicure? I did't know!

  5. FABULOUS! I love the coral - bet this would look great with yellow or flamingo pink too.

    Sarah xxx

  6. I really like this mani, specially the combination of colours (I love contrasting colours in nails).

  7. Fun! I like the zig-zag look, it's a little bolder than a standard moon mani

  8. This is a really cool look. Love that each nail is different. Do you have pictures for the latest Vintage Fair? Hope so!

  9. really like this the colour is awesome!

    shel xx


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