Thursday, December 15, 2011

Besame Crimson Creme Rouge

I have been lusting after a Besame lipstick for ages. Especially the Red they make that is supposed to be the exact shade that Marilyn Monroe wore. But, I already have 7 shades of slightly varying red lipstick and I really do NOT need another one.

So I compromised and got a Besame rouge instead. Mainly for the packaging.  But I also have a bit of a fetish on cream/gel blushes lately.

Can you blame me??

Onto the rouge. It is insanely super dooper pigmented. You need to lightly touch your finger onto the pan, then WIPE most of that off before you apply it! Or else you could look like a very flushed Snow me.

The husband came home and immediately exclaimed that I had been horribly sunburnt.  That told me I had overdone it just a little.

These swatches are: Two light dabs on the left, one light dab in the middle and on the end is whatever was left on the finger. 

Gorgeous color, great staying power and this tin is quite big, measuring most of my palm in size. So this is going to last me FOREVER. In my opinion, a great buy at $20.


  1. this looks great carli, l have something similar it is called benetint and is a liquid akin to beetroot juice so it stains your checks for that flushed look a tip from the lindy charm school the look of this book and l am definitely intrigued by the red lipstick Marilyn wore where can we check this out?

    Leah x

  2. Marilyn Monroe lipstick? Can you tell me the name? I just love a good red lipstick :D

  3. I need this...badly! I had that exact haircut a year ago - Louise Brooks was a fashion goddess!

  4. Pretty shade & looks nice with your complexion. I've never heard of the brand. That is insanely pigmented. You will have this to pass on to your daughters.

  5. Leah. I pickied up some cheek tint today from Target, Essence brand. Will see how it goes.

    Minnie. The Marilyn shade from Besame is called Red Hot Red. Link:

    Lacquerd Lady. Lucky you having that haircut! I have always wanted that style but my face is just too round.

    LOL Lucy! Hopefully my daughters will want to wear this stuff and grown out of their tomboy ways.

  6. LOL well I thought your 'sunburnt' cheeks looked like a cute natural flush XD Such a pretty colour and the packaging is friggin adorable.

    (Also, how do I have the same amount of red lipstick as you, Ms. Vintage Queen?! :O

  7. Silhouette. You ONLY have 7 shades of red lippie??!

  8. I heard about Besame a long time ago and for me they are the perfect vintage makeup brand especially their so gorgeous packaging. The tins are so vintage.
    After this post, i am totally bought over and im on my way to their site to ask about international shipping, lol.


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