Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canary Queen

Previous to this Summer, I have never worn the color Yellow before. But all of a sudden I have 3 yellow dresses and 2 yellow beaded cardi's. See here and here for previous posts.

I am the veritable Canary Queen.

50's Dress: Mill Street Vintage
Wedges: K-mart
Hair Flower: Dynamite-Darlin, eBay
Lipstick: MAC Kanga Rouge
Bakelite: Sourced online
Miss 3's Dress: Oilily


  1. You look positively lovely. Miss 3 is gorgeous also.

  2. I love yellow and varying shades of grey. You and your little girl look lovely in your dresses.

  3. Amor!!
    You and your daughter are the cutest china dolls I ever seen.
    From new admiradora Sarita from Misfits sent me over.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Edjuran. Thank u, you are lovely!

    Mistress catgirl. Thanks heaps! Miss loves to pose.

    La dama. Thx for following gorgeous girl!

  5. You look gorgeous. I love your dress style. The Little Miss looks adorable also. Have a very Happy New Year sweetie.

  6. Well you look great in yellow, so I'm glad you're wearing more of it!

  7. Thanks Lucy, you too!

    Ta Shilouette, wasn't too sure at first but it's a staple color now.

  8. You shouldn't be afraid of yellow, it looks lovely on you. BTW I want that dress!


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