Saturday, December 17, 2011

NERD LACQUER All Of Time and Space

My first order from Etsy based seller, Nerd Lacquer, arrived last week and I am excited to show you the one I love the most, All Of Time and Space.

First of all, this is how my order came wrapped. And what's that on the right?

A freaking flashing light jelly ring!! Super silly happy....maybe I'm really a super Nerd??

Bottle shot. Yummy mint green with different shaped silver and Fuschia pink glitter.

This was 2 coats and pics taken in natural shaded light. It took 2 coats of Seche QD and if you are fussy, you will need a third coat to make it smooth.

The rest of my order coming up soon!


  1. I love NerdLacquer polishes but I don't have this one (yet). Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I ALMOST got this one! Now I'm kind of sad that I didn't. I picked up Don't Blink, though, and LOVE it.

  3. Love that polish. Love glitter! Cute ring also.

  4. That's one of my favorites! Your nails look amazing, by the way.

  5. Thanks Crystal.

    Oh no, Sarah! Back to Ner Lacquer you go!

    Ditto Kristy and Kelly.

    Lucy. The ring rocks! Both my daughters fight over it.

    Thanks Heather! They are a little too long for my liking so will chop them down soon.

  6. Mine just arrived too & I'm in love, but I only got a mini! You're ring is way cooler than mine but freebies are awesome no matter what!!!

  7. I've been thinking of ordering and becoming a Nerd... these swatches might push me over the edge!

  8. Awesome color and that packaging is amazing. Especially the ring!

  9. This is my favourite one out of the ones I ordered ^___^

  10. Kick ass polish! I hadn't heard of this brand before.


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