Sunday, December 18, 2011

NERD LACQUER 'Spaaaace' Collection

Along with a couple of others from Nerd Lacquer, I also got the SPAAACE Collection. I am definitely looking forward to future collections from Amanda. I am going to use Amanda's descriptions for these 3 polishes as they do describe them way better than I ever could.

From Nerd Lacquer: "FROM SPAAAAAACE Series : a trio of ultra-sparkly ultra-dark shades with universal appeal. Super dramatic, loaded with multiple sizes of contrasting and holographic glitters, and saturated base colors deep enough to maximize the impact of the glitter but not so dark they appear black. It’s like wearing one of NASA’s photos-of-the-day on your fingers."

QUASAR, 2 coats. "A blackened pine green with holly green and silver glitter, olive and chartreuse microglitter, small and medium emerald hexagonal glitter, and generously spiked with fine and ultrafine holographic sparkles." This required 2 coats of Seche Vite QD to become smooth.

NEBULA, 2 coats. "A blackened fuchsia with red and silver glitter, red and fuchsia small and medium hexagonal glitter, iridescent glitter, small lavender glitter, and generously spiked with fine and ultrafine holographic sparkles". This also required 2 coats of Seche QD.

EVENT HORIZON, 2 coats. "A blackened teal with small and medium blue and turquoise hexagonal glitter, silver and iridescent glitter, plus bright blue microglitter, and generously spiked with fine and ultrafine holographic sparkles".

And a couple of bonus pics with Quasar and Event Horizon with a matte top coat.


  1. I love all of them! SO cool :)

  2. I've been stalking their Etsy page for awhile now.. I think I might have to cave in and buy some.. they are soo pretty!

  3. Love these polishes. Will have to remember these for the future.

  4. These are all beautiful! I bought one of her polishes recently and love it. I want this collection though for sure!

  5. Ohmygosh Carli! Gorgeous swatches! I'm so freaking excited for mine to arrive... aaaaggrrrhhh!

  6. I just got some polishes from Nerdlacquer on Saturday and I want the rest of them already! :D

  7. O M G !!!

    I need them all - especially QASAR! (I am a total space nerd!)

    Sarah xxx

  8. These are beautiful!

  9. Oh WHAAAAT. Look at those mattified! I never even thought of that. LOVE EET! Thanks so much for swatching these!


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