Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bloom 'Classic' Polish Collection

I Lurv Bloom polishes. Not only are they an Australian company but the formula is glorious and the best I have used. I was super stoked to get their new 4 mini pack in the mail the other day and have swatches for you all.

EDIE. To start with, this was ONE coat. Look at this color, it's so fabulous and wonderfully Vintage.

MILLIE. One coat. I know, unbelievable for a dark Vamp to be a one coater. Above pics were in natural sunlight.

I included this pic of Millie also, just to show the glorious shine it has even in the shade.

KIM. Yep, it's just your standard Sable brown....but this was ONE coat.

TONI. This was my least favourite as it looked dreadful on me. 2 coats.

RRP is $24.95 and can be purchased from Bloom online.  Which one is your favourite?


  1. I love 1 coats polishes! I want :D

  2. They are a beautiful set of polishes. My favorite is the first. Looks gorgeous on you because of your skin color. I think I have one bottle. Don't tempt me!

  3. Millie is ammaaaazing! love it!

    I loved toni on you too - try stamping some red roses on it (with millie always millie! lol)


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