Friday, December 16, 2011

Doing the 50's...the 60's...the 00's...oh, and the 30's.

I decided to mix things up a bit for my outfit this day. And I was itching to put some bright green eyeshadow on.

My petticoat was just a tad too long for this dress, but that's the way I wanted it today! Peekaboo sexy, red, frilly pouf!


60's Paisley circle dress: A $20 bargain on Ebay
My FABULOUS, fabulous Shoes: Miss L Fire
Belt: Retail
Bakelite: Sourced from online outlets
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Eyeshadow: Inglot
Lippie: MAC Ruby Woo


  1. you are beautiful! :) love the dress!

  2. When I see your face you just make me smile. I'm grinning at your picture & my girlfriend asks me what the heck I'm smiling at, you! Your just so cute & bubbly looking. I love your dress, the red & black petticoat is just adorable. Those shoes are so cool! Love the jewelry.

  3. Thanks Lydz. Blush.

    Lucy. YOU are so adorable. I wish we could meetup and have a good old natter and polish swap, you are such a lovely person. xx

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  5. This is a very fun post and the pictures too. Wouldnt i just love to wear a petticoat sometime? Im looking forward to having an all vintage wardrobe and im definitely looking up to you for inspiration.

  6. Thanks Barbara!

    Silhouette. You really do need them.


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