Monday, September 10, 2012

Triple Black Diamond

I decided to layer Crows Toes Triple Black Diamond over something other than a black.  I chose Zoya's Skylar and it was a mistake.  It looked kinda like I just had black dirt all over my nails!
And 2 coats of Skylar on it's own.


  1. Though I do definitely see your point about it looking a bit like dirt, I sort of like that effect. It might work well for a night of unscripted fun - say like New Year's Eve or Halloween.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I felt the same, and I layered it over a bright electric teal. I have to admit to being disappointed with Triple Diamond. Absolum - Your Potions Master however, PHWOAR! Do you have that one?? Joelene.

  3. Oh please tell me you had massive issues with taking this off?!? I awaited my delivery of this with so much excitement, finally got it and put it on. AWESOME!!! but when I had to take it off it looked like I had dirt all over my fingers and it would not wash off. I had to wait for it to wear off before repainting my nails. I really love this polish but the removal soured my love a little. :(

    1. It came off pretty easy actually, compared to larger glitter polishes. See my PVA glue base coat post form a few days ago for much, much easier glitter removal.


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