Monday, December 5, 2011


This vintage Wilardy Lucite purse with matching accessories.

These sunglasses would look the bomb on me.

Why would Kitchenaid make the most AWESOMEST mixer on the planet and limit it to Brazil only?  WHY KITCHENAID WHY??????  Anyone Brazilian ladies wanna buy me one of these?

This $60,000 diamond ring would look especially good on MY finger.

A trip to Hong Kong.

This gorgeous 50's sunhat.  Why does it have to be $130???

A bum like this one.  Or close to it.....not fussy.

This retro couch

Blonde hair that looks exactly like this.

WANT this cake! It's ALL cake! How awesome!

Have a great weekend Beauty Queens!


  1. I watch the Catholic Mass on TV every Sunday. I can't get out anymore so at least I have Mass on the telly. Well I know I shouldn't be on the computer during Mass but I am. I bust out laughing in the middle of Mass with your bum wish! I'll take the whole body sweetie.

  2. I love the sunglasses! And agree with Lucy here, I'll take the whole body too! LOL :D

  3. The first pic its so fancy! love it! and the cake is amazing! :D

  4. Bwah ha, funny post. And that cake puts my shitty nail polish bottle to shame!!

  5. OMG I just almost spewed coffee all over my computer when I read/saw "a bum like this one"! XD ROFL!!! I want that set, those glasses, that couch, and that perfect blonde hair too!!! *sigh* *daydreams*

  6. I need that mixer! I have the boring white one which just doesn't compare really.

  7. I want that cake! I was supposed to go to Hong Kong this year but plans fell through. And omgwtf, Brazil is such a random distribution decision.


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