Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So Awesome It Deserved A Video

I'm trying really hard to only purchase colors from collections that stand out, and that are not dupes to what I already own. I'm not really 'into' glitter a real lot, mainly because removal is a pain in the butt. But Marry A Millionaire by China Glaze caught my eye when it was released recently. Plus, 'How to Marry A Millionaire' is one of my favourite movies.

Above pics were 2 coats and taken in shaded natural light. The photo below is in full sunlight.

I may just have to put Marry a Millionaire into rotation for my widdle piggies.  (Don't worry Petunia Sparkles, YOU are my ultimate piggie polish and will always love you forever.)

And now Ladies and Gents, for your viewing pleasure...the twinkling gloriness that is Millionaire:


  1. This was my last pedicure topper, over OPI DS Temptation (because I was disappointed) and I adore it!

  2. Oh, that is so sparkly & pretty

  3. They're really nice a glittery. Wonderful sparkle. Need to get them.

  4. That sparkly nail polish is gorgeous! I love your blog. Following you now! =)

  5. an easy way to remove glitter polish :
    1. put a thin coat of crapy polish on
    2. saturate a piece of cotton
    3. put on nail let sit for a few seconds
    4. wipe off
    and it should be all gone.

    love the colors and your blog keep it up :)

  6. GLORIOUS GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!! OMG those sparkles are divine!!! :D

  7. ARGH I didn't pick this up because I wasn't really feeling the stringy glitter but you make it look so nice!

  8. I want want want ...!

    I also adore glitters, but hate it when I have to remove them, that's NOT funny!

  9. Oh my god....the stunning factor is too much....I NEED this!! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo


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