Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog Sale Sale!

I need EVERYTHING from my BLOG SALE page (above) gone so please feel free to make offers.

I also added some more items including BB Couture and China Glaze.

USA buyers I can only send 5 bottles and under due to scanning restrictions for polish going into yur Country.  I can do multiple packages if you don't mind paying the shipping. 
Everywhere else in the World is fine.


  1. What are the shipping rules within Australia and to overseas? I want to send some friends some nail polish and there is no info :) Thanks

  2. Kira. Any USA bound parcels 500g and over get scanned and returned if nail polish found within. You also get a not very nice letter.

  3. Do you have any labels so I could preview the mode polishes on you


  4. Sarah. Do a search for Mode at the top of my blog to see any swatches. cc


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