Saturday, October 1, 2011

Newstead Chopped Rodders Show

It's been a whole year since my last Chopped Show depressing that time has gone past so quickly!

Hmmm, which color am I going to spray my car?? Miss 10 wants the green beetle color and Miss 3 wants the black glitter.


MY sorry synopsis:

This year was disappointing. It had poured rain the day before so the whole venue was a cesspit of mud. And it was freezing cold.   Organisers can't help the weather tho.

We also had brought visitors with us that were out from Melbourne and they were not impressed at the entry fee...nor were had doubled in price since last year and we almost dropped dead at the confrontation of having to pay $30 PP. If we were going to be staying all day or even out there at night to listen to some bands, then fair enough. But we were there for **literally** an hour, dragging whinging kids around in ankle deep mud with nothing much to look at...entrant cars were still arriving at 12pm, the same 2 cars going round and round on the oval, maybe 6 stalls with hardly any merchandise in them, no bands playing, and no kids activities to keep us busy keeping THEM busy!
Cause let's face it, we drive hot rod cars, buy Vintage clothes, listen to Retro music......but we all still have kids and they all get dragged around to these shows!! Cater for them so we can can stay there longer.

The Tiki Bar.

Yep, I'm cold!

The general visitors carpark was about a kilometre away from the venue and you had to walk thru said ankle deep mud the whole way. What the???!!
We balked at this and drove to the back of the venue where there was plenty of parking and walked thru the back entrance. I've already mentioned the entry fee, but as soon as we had paid a family just waltzed straight in past the paying booth and no one even stopped them....they just LOOKED at them scurry past!! So angry!!

We do go to all the Hot Rod shows that we can and live our life Retro, as you guys know. This was the first time we felt seriously ripped off and it's a HUGE shame as this Show is in our home town!! We would hate to see this Show die because of greedy entrance fees price hikes.

Draggin in the mud.

I've emailed the organisers.....just waiting to hear their response. Even a tiered pricing system where it's a cheaper price during the day than at night would be a better idea. I hope they understand that this complaint is from someone who WANTS this show to stay and just giving my 2 cents worth.....cause at this stage, we aren't going back next year.

A camp site with an awesome Tiki head fire!

Front row seats in style!

You can follow the Chopped Show via Facebook and their website.

Wearing my Freddies overalls and a 50's beaded cardi...with lotsa bakelite.

So, who else went this year and what did you think?


  1. Damn, I'd be pissed too :( that's beyond disappointing. Heard back from the organisers yet?

  2. Oh how disappointing! I hate when they get greedy. It ruins the whole experience.

    The Vintage Fair that comes to Canberra twice a year charges horrendous stall fees to stallholders (way more than I can afford on my own) THEN charges punters $20 just to get in the door - double dipping f*ckers!

    On the up side - YOU look amazing, the cars are fab and the blue jacket dude with the mega quiff is HOT. Keep us posted if you hear back from the organisers.

    Sarah xxx


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