Friday, October 28, 2011

Nail Technician Extraordinaire

I'm back! Miss me?!

While holidaying in QLD, the oldies decided to take the family camping for 3 days. In dirt. And then it rained. So it was mud. The camping showers had no hot water so we had a very.cold.shower.
But we had fire and marshmallows, the kids didn't kill themselves, and the drunk yobbos shut up around midnight each night, so we all had a hearty 4 hours sleep before the competition fly fisherman surrounding us set off for the day, revving cars, dragging boats and yelling to each other at 4am.

While there Miss 3 wanted to paint nails. Aunty Amy and Uncle Andrew were the only volunteers who kindly allowed her to paint their toe nails, so here is Miss 3 in professional nail painting mode.

She took it VERY seriously and took her time to do a truly 'eggscellent' job.

The end result?

But Aunty Amy didn't leave it on for very long...and apparently it stained, leaving her with Zombie toes.

Uncle Andrew on the other hand was a trooper and didn't take his off...even when we went to the park and out for public. But by the time Miss 3 got to his toes, she was a master at it and it actually looked quite good. (Truth: he actually forgot all about it until I pointed out his sparkling black glitter toes halfway thru our Pub lunch surrounded by big, burly tattooed motorbikers.)

Lots of swatching was done cramped under an awning with 11 other people so I am loaded up with pictures ready to post in the next couple of days...including NEW Modes!


  1. Nothing better than the small things to make a little girl happy. That was sweet of Uncle Andrew and Auntie Amy :D

  2. XD Your Miss 3 is such a sweet girl!!!! Great job!! I'd keep them on as long as it lasts;p So sweet!!

  3. Aww so cute!! I would let her paint my toes, no matter how messy! :)

  4. Awwww, thanks guys! She is a bit cute.

    Frankenstyna. Your'e on!

  5. What a sweet post I love it. Really cute and she did such a great job (nothing that a foot soak wouldn't clean off the skin)

  6. Haha, she is so cute... Lucky her to have so kind aunty and uncle. They are very brave :D

  7. Camping, polish & liquor! The three things you need for vacation. Miss 3 did a terrific job on those toes.

  8. Bless her little heart! Such a cutie!

    My 4 year old boy is desperate for me to paint his fingernails with my glow in the dark polish... Don't think Daddy would be very happy!



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