Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Few Vintage Looks

A new acquisition which I promptly purchased.  It's almost impossible to find long sleeve cupcake style dresses in my size.  Bonus points: it is RED, which is my staple wardrobe color.

Dress: Jumbleaya, Etsy
Shoes: London Rebel
Apple Belt: ASOS
Miss 3's Dress: Mini Minors
Hair butterflies: Etsy

This was just a quick dash down the street outfit, no hair styling I'm afraid.  Two people asked me if I had just been to a Rock n Roll dance I am not sure if I'll be wearing this skirt again.

Skirt: 50's circle with matching orange crinoline underneath, Ebay.
Top: Retail
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Necklace: Me

I have featured this dress before but I wore it again recently and just love it to pieces.  This is my Little Red Riding Hood Outfit and hopefully I'll still be wearing it when I'm 80.  Bernie has just released another version of this dress which is exclusive to Modcloth.
(Disclaimer: **Miss 10 took these photos and altho I look like I've eaten a lemon, they were the best in a bunch!**)

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Bolero: Retail
Belt: 50's repo, Etsy
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Hair Flowers: Dynamite-Darlin, eBay.

And another sucked lemon shot.....I think I was telling her to hurry up or else I was going to fall over. I could only find one shoe, Miss 3 has scarpered off osmewhere with the other one, so this is me doing the Flamingo.

This 60's brocade has a slight bubble skirted style which I don't mind at all, probably because I picked it up a few days ago at a bargain price of $35. It looks unworn and is still stiff which makes me think Deadstock.

Dress: 1960's Brocade from Round She Goes Preloved Fair, Melbourne
Shoes: Mollini
Hair flower: Dynamite-Darlin, eBay.

This was another cheap buy at $30. It's completely sheer tho and requires a full slip as well as my frilly crinoline. Me no likey.  Hello eBay!

Dress: 50's sheer shirtwaist. Maybe even 40's?
Shoes: K-Mart
Hair Flower: Round She Goes Preloved Market


  1. some really cool looks! I adore the blue dress with the red bolero

  2. I love the last two dresses! Gorgeous. I love them all but that brocade is adorable. Love your flamingo pose!

  3. Wow, the Bernie Dexter Cherry Blossom dress is amazing!

  4. They are all stunning but WOW that skirt is particularly amazing!!

  5. very pretty! loved the flamingo shot! :) My fav was the red riding hood dress...soo pretty! :) you are beautiful!

  6. The flamingo bit made me giggle :) I love your clothes and I don't think you should stop using something just because you got a weird comment. Sounds like they weren't aware that not everyone wears the same types of clothes...

  7. you look absolutely stunning in those outfits! I am in LOVE with the cherry blossom dress :)

  8. Aww~, you look so beautiful!! If there was a vintage magazine, you should be a model:))

  9. I have that Bernie Dexter frock too - isn't is marvellous?? That floral skirt is GORGEOUS - are you really going to get rid of it?

    I am asked all the time if I'm on my way to a fancy dress party. I always just act really dumb and say 'What do you mean?' *blink blink*.

    You look gorgeous in all of your gorgeous outfits. I suspect you'd look gorgeous in a garbage bag with a bit of rope around your waist!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Fabulous! These are my fav looks the red dress and the brocade in particular You look amazballs! :D

  11. Looooooove the shoes in the first pic...both yours and Miss 3's ;o)))))
    Yours are seeeeeriously sexy and hers are just adorably cuuuuuute

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  13. Wow, you look stunning in them all! Loooove your style hun :) The red riding hood outfit is my fav, love the pattern on the dress, just gorguz! And you are totally rocking the flamingo pose ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  14. You girls are too cute for words :)
    I love the red dress in the 1st photo! Gorgeous :)


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