Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Material that is! Altho this is the modern kind, it's wonderful and makes me feel all shimmery and happy!

I always feel very housewifey wearing this dress.

Dress: Bettie Page
Shoes: El Cheapos from Hong Kong
Necklace : Me, bead-licious
Lipstick: Cherry from Sleek
Various vintage Bakelite


  1. The pattern of the dress is so eye-catching. I bet you got some wolf-whistles wearing that!

  2. It's like a sexy trenchcoat in dress form!

  3. DIVINE!!! Have I told you lately how much I heart your blog? It's such an inspiration to see such beautiful outfits and fabric and...well, all of it! :D The dress is AMAZING! And I *need* those shoes. Need. T-strap heels are my go-to shoe and they're perfect! <3

  4. Thanks Kelly!

    Nah Kimberley, I'm too old and crusty for that now!

    Yeah, very shiny Shilouette! I'm a beacon in the sun!

    idrinknailpolish. Aw, shucks girl. I'm glad some people love my outfit posts. It breaks up all the nail polish a bit. Thanks heaps! Those shoes were like, $6 in Hong KOng at the markets!

  5. That dress is so fantastic! And so shiny, too.
    -Andi x

  6. Oh I have the exact same dress from Bettie Page, but in grey! :D

  7. That is one wicked cool dress! You look gorgeous.


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