Monday, October 10, 2011

My Week in Pictures

It's been school holidays the last 2 weeks and I am pleased to say they are all back at school today!! Yay!!
It's hard to keep little people occupied but we managed to fit in a little fun when The Sexiest Man On The Planet took a couple of days off work and we went adventuring into Melbourne.

First, the Melbourne Zoo.

We saw a baby elephant! Awwwwwwww.

And I kissed a tiger.......almost.

The lions were doing what males do best. Wish I could do that in public sometimes.

Butterflies landed on our heads.

Then we headed off to The Royal Melbourne Show where Miss 3 met her idols:

Abby Cadabby (pictured) and Angelina Balerina. She was way too shy to look at them tho!

Saw some spectacular floral arrangements.

And petted some chickies.

Then I had a Mermaid party for Miss 3 and made my very first party cake! Don't laugh, I thought I was very clever!

Please notice I balanced out the copious amounts of fat, salt and sugar with a big plate of fruit!

Who has been doing what this last week??


  1. Looks like you and the kiddies had a ball on the holidays.....I love that fluffy Oilily jacket your older daughter has on

  2. Oooh Kristy, you know what Oilily is!! Some people think I'm nuts paying what I do for that brand, but it's absolutely gorgeous. The coat has fit her for about 3 years now so it was a great investment. Thanks!

  3. Hehehe, I used to collect TONS of Oilily (buying & reselling on ebay) now that my little one is at kindy & soon to start school I only have a couple of pieces of Oilily & Jottum - I adore little boutique brands too like Eden's Bouquet & Loves Me Not

  4. Let me know if you get rid of any girls stuff in sizes 98-116. She's in 98 now but am always buying ahead!

  5. Your girls are so cute! I wish I could have a mermaid party!

  6. That mermaid cake looks fantastic!!! Well done!

  7. Rachel. Too cute for their own good! Thanks! And yes, I did dress up in a hula grass skirt and lei...couldnt help myself!

    Thanks Claire! Cakes are too stressful I have decided. Cupcakes next time!

  8. What a busy but nice week!

    OMG the cake is just gorgeous! You did that yourself? wow! Your daughters are so lucky with you!

    By the way I looovvveee Oilily! I have many bags with such cool prints!

  9. *squeals* OMG LION AND ELEPHANTS ^____^ I think the cake looks great (and delicious)!

  10. The cake is adorable! Your 2 Misses are the sweetest. Glad you had a fun holidays with your girls.


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