Thursday, October 13, 2011

MAC Spirit of Truth & Nfu 52

I'm a little stuck on my flakies at the moment. It's nice to go thru the drawers and pull out a line you haven't used for awhile, then wear it to death and put them away again for another few months!

This is 1 coat of MAC Spirit of Truth. It's a gloriously yummy Navy blue creme which is good to go after just one coat. You may notice it's a little bumpy on me, this is my rough as a nail file basecoat coming thru and not the polish.

With a coat of Nfu-Oh 52. Super yummy and wonderful as it is. But again, I just kept on going.....

So I matte-ified it! It looks the bestest now and I was happy for 2 days.

Flakies LUV a matte topcoat.  It intensifies them and makes them almost fluro in appearance.
Have fun honeybuns!


  1. I love this color so much.
    This manicure came out so cool!

  2. So pretty especially the mattified pics

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous :D Love flakies, and I love matte flakies even more :D

  4. Love love love all of them!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. I so wanted this polish. I have the red one. Love it with the flakies & then matted. Gorgeous.


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