Friday, October 14, 2011

ChG Ingrid & Hidden Treasure

Still on my little flakies kick, this time pulling out Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen.

Ingrid by China Glaze is a gorgeous dark Taupe with Bronze/Gold shimmer. This was 2 coats.

You can see the green flash above.  Love it how it starts at green, then goes to yellow and finishes with hot orange.

No matte-ifying this one, it's nice enough shiny!


  1. I love this color!! It's amazing!! XOXO

  2. You really captured the awesomeness of Hidden Treasure!

  3. I need a flakie polish. Everytime I see them on blogs I want one even more!

  4. Ingrid looks fantastic with Hidden Treasure, I never would have guessed. :)

  5. I NEED ingrid.. why have I waited to long! :) Cool and unexpected combo!

  6. Ingrid is a gorgeous polish. Love it topped with Hidden Treasure. I have to find my bottle of Hidden Treasure. Whenever my polish gets tipwear I whip out the Hidden Treasure. Have a nice weekend sweetie.


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