Wednesday, November 2, 2011

60's Makeover with FB!

Fiona-Brooke has expressed a desire to go Vintage. So we set off on a trip to discover what Era she looks good in.....makeover time!

OK, this is her before photo. Yes she's gorgeous, but as everyone Vintage you look doubly gorgeous!

I decided that because she is ridiculously skinny, she would suit a 60's look nicely.
Flicking thru my hairbooks, we found a Jacki O hairstyle that looked relatively easy for my little novice fingers to acheive and would look best for her short hair.

What I did:
1. Hot curled her hair under and set each curl with a duckbill clip while it cooled.
2. When cool, I let all the curls free and back combed or 'teased' from the top to the middle of the crown. This created the back 'poufiness' Jackie was famous for.
3. I then hand formed little curls on the top of the head. Swept her finge into a side curl and handformed a little kiss curl at the end of her fringe.
5. Created a nice, matte flawless finish on her face with concealer and powder. Candy apple red blush and sparkling gold on her eyelids.
6. Her winged eyeliner I made very thick and dramatic as FB wears glasses.
7. Filled in her eyebrows with a Brunette pencil.
8. FB has thin lips, so I went to the very outer of her lower lipline with the liner and created a cupid bow on the top.
9. She dressed in her brand new Vintage old 60's brocade wiggle dress and did The Flamingo!

Here are a couple of other dressup photos we did. You will recognise some of them as they are all from my wardrobe.   

She did need to pull them in at the waist as I am grossly fat compared to her little waist (witch).   Just to get back at her and hope she puts on at least a kilo, I made her eat THIS:

My wonderful recipe of Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, with cookies ice-cream, maple syrup and a strawberry.  I then gave her the rest of the pie to take home.....ha ha.

This was my first makeover and I am very proud to report that I only burnt FB's face and ears 3 times. And she only needed a cold water compress for one of them! What a clever little chook am I!


  1. Now that is a COOL Makeover!!! She works that red and the green dresses.

  2. I want a make over! You did a great job. I love the green dress btw.

  3. I love how you did the eyeliner! Cute post :)

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  5. Ok, first ur not fat in book at all, second fabulous job the makeover, I love the hair, third I love Fiona in the first dress. Perfect for body type. ☆

  6. posted that wonderful pie and no recipe????? We gotta have a recipe.....

    Love the makeover. You're very talented! :)

  7. for a first time, this is ridiculously gorgeous. if u didnt say it was ur first id absolutely not believe.
    Love it enormously.

  8. Yep, the red looked great Kimberley.

    Leah. I'll give you a makeover, come visit!

    Thanks Katherine. The eyliner was SO hard! My hand kept wobbling....

    Thanks Rozae. xx. The wiggle dress looked great on her, you need to be thin for those!

    Lacquered Lady. It was!

    Jacky. Email me and I'll give you the recipe! Or just do a search for Hard Rock Cafe pecan cookie pie.

    Hi Barby! Missed you! Where you been girl? Thanks heaps, it was a bit nerve wracking!

  9. Ay carumba - FB looks FABULOUS! She's lucky to have you help her transition to vintage - stick with it FB, you look GORGEOUS!

    Have just noticed that your BD spring frock has a collar!

    And OMG - what I wouldn't give for some Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

    Sarah xxx

  10. And... is that a one-shoe-flamingo? FB goes for gold in her first post! xxx

  11. Sarah. Um....I actually now have 2 of those dresses...Modlcoth released an exclusive version of that dress and I had to have it.....don't judge :)

  12. I'll be right over for a makeover!! This looks fantastic [and fun!!!]

  13. Wonderful makeover. Very pretty. She can just rush over to the set of Mad Men & fit right in. That dessert looks delicious. Thankfully I had 2 chocolate chip cookies & a cup of tea.

  14. i love your blog. i especially love this one! Wish i had someone to do a makeover on. looks like great fun.


  15. I like the result!!!!! except that she looks 10 years older when makeover :(


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