Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My, What Big Horns You Have!

The other day I made the mistake of walking into Bells Belle's Vintage.....and walked out with a new dress and brooch!

My new brooch is gorgeous and I love him to bits. Callie from Hunted and Collected specialises in novelty pieces and you can see her items in Vintage shops all over Victoria.   Leah from Bells Belle's has several Elzac pieces (I'm still eyeing off that green rabbit Leah!).  My 'Big Bull' also comes with some researchable history which is always nice when buying a Vintage piece. This wooden steer with lucite horns was made by Elzac in 1943 and was featured in the 1943 Sears catalogue.

He originally cost only $1.08 back in 1943!

That bull is just so damn cute!

Elzac Brooch: Bell's Belles Vintage
80s does 50s dress: Bell's Belles Vintage
Shoes: K-mart
Belt: ASOS
Hair flower: Dynamite-darlin eBay
Various Bakelite eBay and Etsy
Lipstick: MAC Kanga Rouge

On another note, I am away at a 3 day Bead Show so I may be slow in replying to any comments left. 


  1. Very cute Carli that dress looks fabulous on you!

    Leah x

  2. Love the dress. Not too crazy about the pin. There are others that I do like. I love all the female pins. They're gorgeous! Have fun at your bead show. There's some beautiful beads out there.

  3. OMG that is the most amazing assortment of goodies!!! I love the pin so much! I am a brooch addict and I just can't get enough of them! :D

  4. Hi Carli. I had been meaning to share this link to my sisters collection on MyBower with you for some time. My apologies for the delay.


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