Saturday, November 26, 2011

Models Own Magenta Pearl

Yes, I have the Beetlejuice colors but am not hurrying to show them as 20 million people have already done so. What I am hurrying to show is this gorgeous color I previously have not seen swatched before: Magenta Pearl.

It's quite sheer and needed at least coats to build up so I decided to try it first over black. Isn't is gorgeous? Pics above taken in sull sunlight.

Taken under artificial light.
Who else has purchased Magenta Pearl?


  1. It is gorgeous! I could kick myself for not ordering this one

  2. Oh my god, if I could find models own where I live I would buy this in a heartbeat. It's gorgeous!!

  3. I never really paid much attention to the Models Own polishes before the Beetle Juice thing, but they're actually really nice! I picked up some non Beetle Juice MO polishes in my order and have been really impressed. Thanks for this swatch:)

  4. Ooh its so gorguz! Would never have thought to layer over black polish! Such a lovely purple :) Was so excited over the Beetlejuice polish's that I bought them the day they came out! And they certainly didn't disappoint, had a lot of fun swatching them for the blog & I love them all!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  5. Kristy. I almost didnt as I couldnt find a decent swatch. I needed one more to get the 7 GBP off offer so I threw it in!

    Nail Designs. Models Own ship Internationally from thir website. Check it out!

    Lindsey. Me either. I have never thought their range of colors justified ordering as they looked no different from any other brand. They have a good 5 bottle purchase deal tho.

    Aysh. I'll check out yr swacthes! The beetlejuikces were very hard to get good shots of.

    Thanks Padgettfarm!

  6. I would snap this up in a heartbeat. LOVE!

  7. Love this shade. Really pretty. I tried to order the Beetlejuice Collection. It's sold out.


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