Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orly Bubbly Bombshell V's Nubar Petunia Sparkles

I knew Bubbly Bombshell would be similar, if not the same to Petunia Sparkles before I bought it.  But because Petunia Sparkles is my second favourite nail polish of ALL time, I figured a dupe wouldn't be all that bad.

Left to right:  Petunia, Bubble, Petunia, Bubbly.
As first glance they are dupes.  BUT Petunia was 2 coats and Bubbly took 3 coats and really needed a 4th.  Bubbly has different sized glitter thru it and the formula is quite watery.  Petunia's glitter is all the same size and thick in texture.

Petunia Sparkles is ALWAYS on my toenails.  Without fail.  The color is gorgeous, the sparkle divine and my toes make me happy whenever I look at them!

And one more time cause it's so damn purty......

So, you guys have probably guessed that I prefer Petunia right?  It somehow just LOOKS nicer.  I also loathe anything over 2 coats so a 3+ coat glitter formula doesn't make the cut when I can have the same thing in 2.  Nubar win!  (Thank goodness cause I have several backups of the stuff!!)


  1. Uau muito lindo, e que brilho incrível!! Bjus

  2. That'such a pretty polish! I believe that I do have the Nubar one. Sure does look like a dupe. At least you have a choice if you can't get one of them. Always on your toes? Love glitters in any color.

  3. I knew I still needed Petunia Sparkles! Man, that is some serious awesomesauce. :D

  4. Lucy. Yep, always on my toes. I change it to a fresh coat every 3-4 weeks.

    I drink nail polish. Go get it STAT!

  5. Thank for this comparsion! I only own Petunia, so everything is OK :)

  6. I love this one too, but have never worn it on my toes. I must give it a try.

  7. I LOVE bright glittery nail polishes! This one is one I need to get!

  8. Absolutely freakin' gorgeous O_____O I love purply pink glitters. *grabby hands*


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