Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Red Green Color Shift Franken #2...I Can Haz 230???

Is this anything like Clarins 230?  Anyone who has a bottle think it looks something similar? 

This time I added a couple of tiny scoopfuls of my red/green pigment into a third of a bottle of clear and made a topcoat. I think this is the ideal way to go as you can then turn any color into a color shift and make the pigment last a lot longer.

Ready for lots of pics?

These ones above are taken in the shade with no flash. The red to green flash is much more apparent as a top coat than with the pigment mixed into a color base.

With flash in sunlight.

It was 1 coat of Franken topcoat over 2 coats of Essie Little Brown Dress.

How is everyone elses color shift frankens going?


  1. Now that is a FALL polish shade! Yea, baby!!!

  2. gorgeous! Your franken looks a lot like Liquid Euphoria Nirvana! Same color shift :)

  3. Ditto Kimberley!

    Jen. Cool, I was lusting after Liquid Euphoria!

    Thanks Carolina babe.

    Lucy, email me your address and I'll send you one!

  4. Holy guacamole - I haven't seen this before - it's FAAABULOUS! I want it!

    Sarah xxx


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