Saturday, November 5, 2011

ChG Skyscraper Vs Chi Chi Moondust

While cleaning out the nail polish drawers again I found several polishes almost similar.  I'm not sure if these comparisons have done the blog rounds are some more.

2 coats each and left to right:  Skyscraper, Moondust, Skyscraper, Moondust. In natural sunlight with flash.
The bottles are almost similar but on the nails you can see that Moondust is a darker blue base.

In shade and no flash.

My personal preference is Moondust.  It's perfect in 2 coats whereas Skyscraper needs a 3rd to become fully opaque.  I also love the darker blue Moondust is offering.   Availablility is not possible out of Australia with Chi Chi, unless you are swapping with an Aussie blogger.   If you are not Australian and lusting after Moondust, then my guess is that you would be just as happy with Skyscraper.


  1. both are really pretty. Thanks for the comparison! :)

  2. Skyscraper is on my list to buy. I'd rather have Moondust. Like the deeper shade. I will be satisified!


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