Friday, November 25, 2011

Nfu 51 & Flying Dragon

I'm still layering my 51 over several different colors to get varying effects! If I'm not careful this bottle is going to be gone!

Lots and lots of pictures cause this color combo was tricky to capture.

Yum yum bubblegum.

The flakies stayed Fuschia and Red over this color, I couldn't get a green/yellow shift no matter what light I tried it in. It's still beautiful as is and looks much nicer in real life.

And China Glaze Flying Dragon by itself.

What shall I try 51 over next?


  1. oh my! great combo! it's so pretty!!

  2. so nice :)
    I wrote on Your email, pls reply :*

  3. What a delicious combination! ^^

  4. I always use such a dark purple with that Nfu-Oh polish, but I love how bright this looks!

  5. I really need to get a hold of some Nfu-Oh's. Soooo pretty!

  6. Lovely chovely! I would love this on my toes!

    Sarah xxx

  7. Flying Dragon is a beautiful shade of purple. Add those flakies & it's a miracle.

  8. This would make the most amazing lipgloss!


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