Friday, November 4, 2011

A Why Bother??

I steer clear of neutral nail polish. It's boring.
Who wants to see nude, neutral nails?? Or as The Sexiest Man On The Planet calls it: A Why Bother Manicure?

But, I recently got a bottle of OPI Bubble Bath and decided to try it on....and I loved it. Two coats of it made my nails look long, elegant, posh, mannequin like and I reveled in it for 3 whole days.  Much nicer than my photos show.

After 3 days I did French tip stamping with Warm Black Konad.

So, I guess now I am officially converted. Why Bother nails can actually look quite nice.


  1. Your title scared me a little - glad to see it was a tad misleading. I like to wear 'why bother' shades from time to time too. They make a nice change and are so easy when I'm rushed!

  2. I like it with the black Konad!

  3. Ooh with the stamping it is AMAZING! Three days huh? That's awesome. I'm afraid to say that my Mode glitter hasn't even lasted two days - it has come off it big chunks and chips. Shame, but maybe that's what you get for $2!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Just yesterday I was thinking about whose husband/BF did invent the Why Bother? colour range! From the moment I read it on your blog (and lauged my butt off) I'm using it for all "natural" make up. It's Why Bother? make up, it's a fact, the best way to describe it ever. :D

  5. I agree I normally stay away from colors like this, I think they're boring. But if I have a week of exams and no time to do my nails, colors like this are great! I usually just slap on one coat and go. This looks really pretty on you, I have yet to get OPI Bubble bath but i'll have to check it out!

  6. I don't own this but I've read it's a favorite polish of many neutral lovers. I don't mind a neutral especially when my nails are nubbins. That is a tad sheer for me but I think I could love it. I do have plenty of neutrals in my collection. Does make your nails look really pretty & elegant. Love the French stamping. That I could get into. I'm not much of a typical French lover. Now the funky French I can love. I never have finger tips to do it!

  7. You've got me eyeing my untried bottle of Borghese Almondine! :D I normally use red as my palette cleanser but this looks so pretty I think I'm ready to give nude nails a chance. I LOL'ed so much at "A Why Bother??"! XD


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