Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Zoya Edyta V's Nubar Verde

Here is the comparison I promised yesterday between Edyta and Verde.

Left to Right: Edyta, Verde, Edyta, Verde. Both 2 coats. As you can see, they are both completely the same. Even the same color, slight patchiness and opaqueness after 2 coats.

So it's really up to you which one you get (if you haven't already)....are you a Zoya groupie or a Nubar groupie?


  1. Oh my. That is ridiculous lol
    I have about an equal zoya to nubar ratio but have better luck with nubar's formula.

  2. I'm not brand loyal - I go for the cheapest! They are both great colours.

    Sarah xxx

  3. Whaaat! I read somewhere Nubar is greener, so I didn't want to get Zoya, and now I see they're the same! Grr! Well, it's the same for me, I love both brands, but it's easier for me to get Zoya, so ... :) Thanks for this comparison!

  4. Thank you!! I have the Zoya so you just saved me some money :)

  5. Actually this is a little to late for me;) Of course I have both because I never compared them to each other;)
    Now I can put one of them up for swap, lol!


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