Monday, November 21, 2011

Novelty Skirts

I have a serious obsession with 50's novelty printed skirts.  I get heart palpitations when I see a gorgeous one for sale and if it's not my size, I get a pain in the guts from disappointment.   Do you know how many FANTABULOUS novelty clothing items there are for sale with a size 24" waist??!

Here is my vintage 'collection' as it stands at the moment!

Gorgeous Flamenco dancers in cartoon form

Chinese Pagodas.  I love this one and it makes me feel I am wearing a painting when it's on.

Spanish Flamenco dancers

Jars from a pantry with big pink bows

A Carnival Fair scene!

Gorgeous Forest woodland scene

This one looks better on, a patchwork of 50's fabrics.

LURV this racing car scene.  It's just so Speed Racer!

Firemen!  Note the wagon wheel style fire carriages!

The seaside......this just makes me sigh in all it's gloriousness.

Magazines from the 50's! Life, Readers Digest, Time......  This is seriously groovy.

And I have a few novelty items that are reproduction and they are:

Bernie Dexter's Landscape dress.

Snack Attack by Folter.

Bernie Dexter's Landscape dress with Blossom trees.

An Artscapes skirt with a Venetian Cafe scene.

Hope you all enjoyed my novelty skirts as much as I do. Anyone else have some gorgeous ones?  And more to the point....who has one I can buy?!


  1. When I was a little younger I only wanted to wear black, nude and absolutely not 'noticable' clothing. Now I am pretty done with that and I love colors and nice combinations. But still it is not as colorful like these wonderful skirts! OMG... I totally want them all :D especially first 3 and the forest one. Great great great!

  2. I adore these skirts! Makes me miss my own 24 inch waist :P

    I usually just find a fabric I like and get someone on Etsy to do me a custom order and make a circle skirt using the fabric I choose. My last one was a lovely wizard of oz print :) xo

  3. Hello Dude,

    You have provided a very good site to knowing about Skirts. It works beautifully with nearly any bright color. This print is nice and dark...

  4. Gorgeous! You may have started a new obsession for me... :D

  5. WOW, that really is some collection. I seriously own about 6 skirts, and they are all boring. These are gorgeous.

  6. I love all of them.....especially the first one

  7. These look really cool! I love the pagoda one :)

  8. Thanks Melanie. I know, they are all awesome!

    Ugly ducking. Nonsense, you look like yu have a 22" waist! Lu yr nails, I am now following ye blog!

    Selina. Oh no! Welcome to the dark side.....and sorry!

    Cathy. Life is way too short to have boring skirts

    Thanks Kristy!

    Thanks Helga, me too!

  9. Such beauties!! Makes for great inspiration to get back on the diet train.

  10. These are all so pretty! I wish I had the nerve to wear them - I'm pretty Plain Jane when it comes to clothes.

  11. *swooooooooons* Oh how I adore these kind of skirts (and dresses!)! *sigh* This makes me miss sewing so much that I could just cry. :( My perfect 1970's sewing machine was stolen and I have not been able to replace it. I hope so much that one day I can get myself set up to sew again. I miss getting excited over the wonders of fabrics, prints, and colors. If I ever get set up to sew again and I find some awesome fabrics you will be on my list of people to write! :D

  12. Man oh man, those are fabulous!

  13. These aren't skirts, these are bloody works of art! Love *____*

  14. ooow I'm in love with the blossom tree dress wow that's so gorgeous!!

  15. Have you checked out Rooby's over there on Etsy? YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE.


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