Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Models Own Golden Green vs Chemistry 519

So we have all seen different versions of Golden Green lately, so it's nothing new.  I've included pictures of both Golden Green and Aussie brand Chemistry 519 for comparison purposes.

2 coats of Golden Green over one coat of black. I much prefer this over black as I feel it's a bit wishy-washy on it's own.

And Chemistry 519 also over black.  Pretty much the same, I prefer the Chemistry for it's very slight darker appearance.  If anyone Aussies already have the Chemistry I wouldn't bother with the Models Own.


  1. I prefer the Chemistry, too, probably because it's impossible to get here. :)

  2. I adore greens. This is a favorite shade & also olive green. I'll have to try doing my polish over black.

  3. Dupes!!!
    Thanks for the comparison!


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