Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BYS Shadow Puppets

Grey. It's just so sad and sorry looking on me.

This was 3 coats of BYS Shadow Puppets, a pale grey jelly. It required 3 coats to become opaque but it dried to a high shine.

Altho....the mongrel didn't dry. Even after a coat of Seche QD.

I gave up trying to stamp over this annoying non drying polish after 3 attempts of the stamping just sliding off my nails....so you only get a glimpse of what the manicure WOULD have looked like!


  1. What a pity. It's a gorgeous shade of grey. I love the stamp. You do such a beautiful job of polishing. My manicure never looks like that. Not even after clean up!

  2. Haha I agree, even looking at grey makes me feel a little sad :P the stamp is mega cute though!

  3. It's kinda interesting. I think I like it!


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