Thursday, November 18, 2010

Claire's Jelly Green

A follower of mine, Emily, and I did a swap recently and in my wonderful box was a divine shade of green by Claire's called Jelly Green ( no prizes for originality awarded to Claire's!). It's a gorgeous shade and unlike any other green I have in my collection so I'm kinda loving this at the moment. It dries to a satin finish which is not my favourite finish but my nails felt lovely and smooth when I touch them!

2 coats with Color Club Fashion Addict Konading in a green Seaweed style. 1 coat of Seche QD made them beautifully glossy.


  1. I have sme of their mood polishes and they dry with that same weird finish. Thank goodness for great top coats! This is such a great green too and I love the squiggle stamp.

  2. Gorgeous colour and love the konad!!!
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  3. love that color. i've been wanting that for some time now. either from Essie or whatever other brand :)

  4. I bought the same one (when I bought yours) but mine is called Kelly Green, not Jelly. So Strange!


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