Friday, November 19, 2010

OPI Alpine Snow Geometrics

This just was a disaster from the start, but I'm posting pictures of it anyway!
I'm in the middle pf packing for a holiday and my black Konad polish was already in the suitcase, so I used Olive Green instead which was a mistake as it just looks brown. The white Konad also turned grey over the black becuase I forgot to put a topcoat over the black polish first...but I guess you guys can all learn from my mistakes!

This was 3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow and it still was streaky in parts.
IS there a white on the market that is opaque in 2 thin coats???


  1. What do you use to scrap the excess colour off? I am new to Konad but my biggest issue is getting a scraper to get enough of the excess colour off the plate without having splotches or streaks near the design.

  2. Kira. I use th konad scraper with the metal scraping part. The plastic scrapers are rubbish IMO.

  3. @ Kira: I thought I'd also chime in--> I use the metal Konad scraper too. It works really well, but make sure to place your stamp and apply pressure OnLy on the image you want on your nail. And also when scraping, make sure you scrape in 1 clean swipe as far away as possible from the image you want, instead of only stopping where the image stops.
    How it helps.

  4. Thanks for the tip about the metal scrapers. This is very pretty!

  5. I actually like this manicure - the ring fingers are nicer than the rest though. But, I can't figure out what you did differently on the other fingers. I wish there was a white polish that was opaque in 2 coats too. :( The bald spots drive me NUTS! Especially when your first and second coat is pretty much perfect and when you put the 3rd coat on, you get a heavy hand on the first stroke and make a bald spot near the cuticle. GRRR!!! If you find one, let me know. Orly makes nice french manicure polishes. I have one called Pink Nude, it's obviously not white, but it comes out pretty evenly. I have 3 whites that I like to use and they're all relatively cheap drug store brands: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in French Tip White #134A and the next 2, I don't know the brand they are because, I got them in manicure gift sets for my birthday a few years ago: Professional Nail Care Super Finish French White and the last one is called Cancer Care. The kit was sold to raise money for breast cancer research. There's no color or ID on the bottle, but this one is shimmery white, not creme or matte.

    Sorry for the novel .. AGAIN! If you're still reading this far without getting bored or sick of me, thank you. :) If you did get annoyed, feel free to tell me. ;)


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