Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shelly Frances Haul & Swatches!

I did another itsy, bitsy, teeny haul from Shelly Frances on Etsy, .
I got a sampler of 10 eyeshadows but this time stayed to neutrals (tried to anyway) as I am desperately needing everyday, all day colors.

Please click for big photos. All swatched over Shelly's Primer and from left to right:
Ruby Cave, New Moon, OMG!, D'Amore, Old Treasure.

L to R: Dick, Champagne, Gold Mine, Cookie, Cowgirl, silver glitter wand, Discotec Holographic eyeliner gel.

Freakin frig on Gold Mine!! It's the brightest shade of Gold I've ever seen in a shadow and the shimmer is blinding. It's like looking at a sheet of gold being reflected in the sun....I'm going to have fun playing with this one!

I also got a fullsize pot of Nature cause that's MY color! A cute little tub of holographic eyeliner gel becuase I've never tried glitter as a liner before, so why not go straight for the holographic kind??

And Shelley kindly included a fullsize silver glitter wand as a freebie, thanks Shell!

So don't forget to enter my Shelly Frances GIVEAWAY here:
You can choose 4 fullsized shadows for FREE!

As a side note, I am loving finding and purchasing mineral makeup from Indie sellers on Etsy. The shadow samples alone are threatening to take over my bedroom.
Apart from Shelley Frances I have found and loved the products from: Concrete Minerals, Rock a Betty and Shiro Cosmetics.

If you have a favourite seller please leave me the sellers store name so I can check them out!


  1. :) I've always wanted to try these from Etsy. But I'm scared the packets are going to explode or leak :(

  2. Carli,thank you for the AWESOME review!
    I appreciate your nice comments ladies:)
    Rachel, all my products arrive in perfect condition. I haven't had any issues with that.
    So feel free to stop by and try it!

  3. I like hifi cosmetics and moi minerals from etsy.

  4. You must, must, MUST try Orglamix from Etsy. Quality is incredible - like a department-store brand, with colors you will never be able to find elsewhere. Cheri is very generous and always willing to send out colors for reviews & giveaways!

  5. Those are awesome colors. Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to buy mineral makeup on etsy :)
    When I saw this post, I thought of a company that I'd heard so many great reviews on (but never got around to trying myself) from a forum I used to participate in a couple years went to google to search for it. The She Space no longer exists but it About Face Cosmetics and there is a blog from Nov 4 (this year? last year?) that says she is quitting the mineral makeup business and all jars are marked down to two dollars. Worth a try maybe if you really like mineral eyeshadow.

  6. Thanks Amanda for that link, will check it out for sure!

    Erin. I had seen that store but wasn't too sure...will take yr recommendation! Any shades in particular u like?

  7. Let's see, I have about 30 now so it's really hard to narrow it down! ^.^

    Mangosteen and Baie Rose are must-haves; a lot of people use Baie Rose as blush, too. Ambre is a really good example of how very unique her colors are - same goes for Lilly Pilly. And then you should try the HD Microfinish Powder, too.

    Like I said, Cheri is amazing, she is always very generous and I'm sure she'd be able to recommend colors for you to test. Try any one of the super-bright ones to see what I mean about the quality - color payoff is insane, and it NEVER dyes your skin! I ♥ Orglamix

    (Warning - you will get addicted. She does Color of the Week at 50% off, and Freaky Friday deals where she picks a color for you at 50% off, and I have placed 3 orders with her in the past week!)


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