Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Review

I found Hi-Fi cosmetics on Etsy,, and got the blogger sample pack of eyeshadows. I left the color choices up to the seller and she picked out; Lovers Revenge, Spike The Punch, Final Act, Morbid Faith and Your'e a Criminial to match my blue eyes and dark hair.

All were swatched over Shelly Frances Primer and were brushed on in the same area several times to make it quite heavy. They are from left to right:
Spike the Punch, Lovers Revenge, Final Act, Your'e a criminal and Morbid Faith.

As you can see, even with primer and heavily brushed on, this selection of colors don't seem to be heavily pigmented. The colors do match my blue eyes, but seem to blend into the same 'silvery' color and there is not much of a difference between most of them, except for Spike the Punch, in my opinion. Morbid Faith is a bright blue in the baggie, but unfortunately translates to a paler blue in the swatch.

They are nice and sparkly tho and Hi-Fi comes highly recommended by other bloggers.... so I'm guessing I got rather a 'blah' mix or just too much of the same shade of silver in my sample pack. The bright pinks and yellows as pictured in the listing would have been nice to have a play with!

At this stage I would have to wear these sample colors over a full day to test wear durability before placing any more orders. Stay tuned!

Has anyone else made an order thru Hi-Fi and how did you like it? Are the colors you chose heavily pigmented?


  1. i like spike the punch its pretty! :-)

  2. I haven't tried these, but the colors do look very nice. :)

  3. I have way too many colours and they are usually highly pigmented and brilliant - so maybe it was more just the colours you got. I think I have over 50 colours from samples and some are so super bright and paired with either pixie epoxy or her shadow fix they sparkle so much!


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