Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OPI sold

From my Australian OPI PR rep today:


Coty Inc., a leading global beauty company, today announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire OPI Products Inc, the world’s leading nail care brand in the professional market.

Established in 1981, OPI Products Inc., the world’s leading nail care brand in the professional market, will continue to revolutionalise the beauty industry by creating fashion forward lacquers and leading-edge innovative treatment products, under the leadership of OPI President and CEO George Schaeffer and Executive VP and Artistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.

In Australia, the management team will remain the same, with International Beauty Supplies, continuing to provide excellence in service, distribution, marketing and promotion of the brand.

There ya go!


  1. Not happy about this at all. Coty tests on animals so OPI will now be owned by a non-cruelty free company. No matter what anyone says about OPI continuing it's stance on no animal testing, it's parent does not follow this policy:(

  2. @ Millie, and since when do children agree with their parents? ^_~
    I'm sure it will be fine...whatever else OPI is, they aren't liars (except for when they talk about MPJ). I believe that they will continue to be cruelty-free, even if Coty is now at the helm.

    Personally, I am okay with the sale...as long as it's not L'Oreal, my heart is at rest. LOL.
    Maybe OPI will find its way back onto e-tailer websites now? *crosses fingers*


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