Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I just killed all my BB Couture Lemmings and so can YOU at Overall Beauty's sale!

A special deal: Buy 5 BB Couture, get 1 free, making it an even 6 pack. Now we've decided to change things up a little for you. To make this deal oh so special for you, the one you choose as your free one can be either:

One you haven't gotten yet but have been looking at getting , (I know there's got to be a few on your wish list you've been waiting on ordering )
One of at least three of the latest BB Couture Nail Polish Christmas collection yet to be viewed. So, you don't get to pick which one, you just get a random choice picked for you by BB Couture. I haven't seen the new colors yet, so I can't even tell you what they are. I just know that there is at least one glitter!

This special deal also comes with an extra goodie!

There will be a free BB Couture treatment added to your order as our way of thanking you for buying from us this year.

So, you are really getting 7 BB Couture nail polishes for the price of 5!! Add to the comment block (on the order page at the bottom) your choice or just put "Christmas" and we will be happy to pick one of the brand new colors out for you. There is a limit of 3 free.

Starts today Nov. 7th till Nov. 10th midnight. I want to give everyone including those living else besides USA a chance at this special deal. :)

If you have any questions about how this special deal works, please email Kim at I will be more than happy to assist.

I got: Napa Valley Red, Ashes, Dragons Breath, Horned Devil, Vampy Varnish and Cleopatra.
Airmail shipping cost me $15 to Australia so the shipping prices are nice and reasonable.

Happy shopping!

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