Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Dress & A Sexy Husband

I got me new dresses and some new shoes! I discovered Criminal Damage and Hell Bunny a few weeks ago and they both make awesome pinup dresses with a rockabilly twist. As soon as I saw the Alice in Wonderland dress, I just instantly bought it without checking the size first so I was uber glad it actually fit not too bad when it arrived......unlike the other pinup dresses I bought, which was a huge bummer and another story. BTW, No I'm not wearing white stockings, my legs are actually THAT white! If only my face and arms were that color then I actually would start looking fair dinkum vintage.

The hubby loves it when I pull out THE petticoat so he decided to pull out his Gangster suit. We made a "dapper couple" as one lady told us.

Don't you love how men tend to unconsciously thrust out their hips when posing? As if they must show their package at every opportunity?!
Isn't he cute???


  1. I love Criminal Damage and Hell Bunny! You both look brilliant :)

  2. That dress is adorable and looks great on you! And thumbs up for hubby wanting to play photo shoot too!!

  3. You look so pretty! And your style reminds me of Christy from Kronicles of a Konad-er. =)

    P.S: My BF likes it too! ;D

  4. Thanks Jenny1983, those brands have probably been around for ages. Should cruise the Bay more often!

    Tjoyu. Photo shoots are a must when dressing up!

    Nihrida. Any compliment from an Edward Norton lookalike is always happily received!
    Christy's style is super cute so thanks!

  5. I'd smile if I saw you both IRL! :) Love that kind of dresses.
    I wish I was as aristocratically pale ):!
    Love your style!

  6. Wow you both look gorgeous!! What a nice couple to see :) And your dress...was just made for you. People with interests like yours and showing it with pretty pictures just makes me smile!

  7. Thats a suprcute dress! And yes I recognize the 'men and posing' issue lol! You look like a wonderful pair together :)

  8. Daria. You need to be the same shade over ALL your body or else you just look silly....hence the legs looking like white stockings!

    Martje. Thanks for your nice comment!

    Thanks Iris! I think we look pretty good 2gether too! :)

  9. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the dress!!!!!

    <3 <3

  10. Whaou I really love your dress. It's so cute and original. And I adore the ground with mosaique. Did you realise it yourself or by a professionnal ?

  11. You guys are adorable and that dress is awesome!

  12. Love the dress. I love alice in wonderland

  13. Enola. Yes, I mosaiced it myself! It took awhile as it was 26 metres long!

    Twister. I adore Alice.

    Thanks Freshie and Zara!


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