Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Bored....Here's Some Random Spam!

While I'm putting together my next giveaway, I'm going to post a few pictures of recent manicures that previously I thought were too boring but they are getting posted anyway!

Zoya Delilah. A smidgen lighter than Ruby Pumps, this was 2 coats.

Zoya Delilah with 2 coats of Bring On The Bling. I really did not like this manicure AT ALL. The red makes the glitter just look blahhhhh.

So I changed it to Lippmann's Across The Universe! 3 coats with no top coat. Absolutely gorgeous, of course, but an absolute witch to remove even using the foil method!

Nubar Peacock Feathers over 1 coat of a generic black. This is a gorgeous blue/purple duochrome in differing lights. The purple is more prominent in my pictures as they were taken under artifical light and the flash.

OPI Wing It, 3 coats. Gorgeous color but it just wasn't 'right' on me....

Sportsgirl Supernatural, 2 coats. Enough of a dupe for Chanel for me to be happy with it!

The Face Shop BK 901. I grabbed this one immediately, even tho it was $7.95 and on the exy side, because the bottle flashes from Navy to Green to Purple to Pink to Gold and it looked AMAZING. Unfortunately that didn't transfer to the nail and instead it's a shimmery dark Navy with a slight hint of Green and Purple. It's still a gorgeous shade in different lights and I've decided to keep it!

The Face Shop BL607. A shimmery Navy with Red, Purple, Blue and Pink flecks. This is DIVINE! Obligatory blurry pic to show the sparkle. This flashes color under artificial light.

Lastly, here's a WOOF bead I made last week. They are supposed to be Jack Russell Terriers in love. Yay or Nay??!

Make with more interesting stuff tmrw.


  1. What great polishes!

    And that bead is beyond cute! How did you make it?

  2. Ooh I almost bought BK901 too! But I swatched it on my nail and was so disappointed. I wish the colour in the bottle translated to the nail.

  3. I love polish spam! I'm checking out that Supernatural!!! And that button...I <3 it!

  4. not boring at all... cute bead by the way! :)

  5. Rachel Marie. I make glass beads! I melt glass in an oxygen rich flame then wind on the molten glass onto steel rods to form beads.

    Cheryl. Yep, I shoulda swatched it but I had no naked nails that day!!

    Kimberley. Supernatural has an awesome purple shimmer. It cost $7 as compared to $40 for Chanel in Australia!

    Thanks Lyds ;) !

  6. The bead is awesome!!!
    How about including some of them,since you're doing them, in your next giveaway,I'm shure everybody would like to have them :-)
    At least,show us some more of them!Pretty please :-)

  7. The bead is sooo cute - reminds me of the clay dog Gromit :-D I can very well imagine them as earrings.Hmmm I could very well imagine these b´cuties hanging from my earlobes:-)
    Wolfie in Sweden

  8. All the polishes are gorgeous - the colors I like are more than the ones I don't like - so, I'll tell you what I DON'T like. :) I don't like Lippmans Across the Universe. That unevenness and bumpy texture would kick my OCD into overdrive and it's bad enough with normal polishes. LOL OPI Wing it is eh .. it sort of reminds me of Hard Candy Lava, which I've heard good things about. So, I went out to buy it, but haven't tried it yet. I LOVE the others though .. :) And your JRT bead is AWESOME!! I love it. It's so adorable!! Can you make me one of a Pomeranian and one for a Havanese? I'd pay for it, with labor, supplies and shipping - in either money or polishes .. which ever you prefer. :) No, but seriously - do you take requests for them? If not, it's cool too. I won't cry for too long, I promise. ;) Shoot me an email, if you get a chance. I can send you pictures of the "models". LOL kelliealtieri AT gmail DOT com

    Sorry about the novel. I thought that giving you list of polishes I DON'T like would make my comment shorter. But, I got carried away with the beads. LOL


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