Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wagon Trail & Lancome Triple Tenue 366

Today's nail of the day is super blingy! Lancome Triple Venue 366 is awesome and a just as good substitute for Rococco Gold Leaf. It is a clear base jampacked with varying sizes of gold flakies! Yep, GOLD FLAKIES!!
These pictures were only 1 coat over 2 coats of China Glaze Wagon Trail. Please click on pics to appreciate it's true blinginess!

If anyone else is interested in this awesome and I *think* discontinued polish, I got mine from this ebay seller:

It cost around $20 AUD including a ridiculous shipping charge of 11 EURO....but it was worth it! All pictures taken in full sunlight.


  1. absolutely love them! but wow that's expensive.

  2. Wow, I love this polish. But out of my league!

  3. I just love wagon trail...to me it's a shame to cover him,even with a flakies that are actualy great :-)

  4. Wow, gold flakies, I'm so surprised, gorgeous!

  5. Ur base color is absolutely amazing! The gold flakes are great too.


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