Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All That Glitters Plum & Plummer

For someone that absolutely NEVER wears purple, I have an awful lot of purple polishes. In fact, I have more purple polishes than any other color. Weird?

Plum and Plummer is a color that intrigued my with my last All That Glitters order. I loved how it was a gunmetal purple glitter mix instead of the usual purple mixes that are being sold.

Plum & Plummer has a grey lavender pearly base with cool toned purples and silver glitters in various colors, shapes and sizes and loaded with large gunmetal hexes.

In full sunlight.

Under bright artificial light.  I layered this over 2 coats of A-Englan's Tristam.

Kirsten from All That Glitters is sponsoring my 3,000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY (WHICH ENDS TOMORROW!!!!) and this color could be yours! Is it one you would order with your store certificate?


  1. There is such an appealing, posh vibe to this shade, thanks to its almost amethyst hue and generously sized sparkly. Absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you very much for your comment on my post about recent thrift store finds. I'm sorry to hear that you run into much the same situation in Australia, too. I guess on the plus side though, at least we're still able to find a few yesteryear treasures, even if they're few and far between.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. That's a really interesting glitter. For some reason I keep grabbing purple polishes, too. Hrm.

  3. I love this nail polish, like a fractured diamond. I don't much like purple in clothing, but just bought myself some purple sunnies that I wear everyday. I almost felt it was a neutral colour.

  4. I'm the same way. I never wear purple. But I have more purple polishes than any other color. I also loooove purple eyeshadow. This polish is so cool looking. The big hexes look like miniature mirrors on your nails.

  5. this is awesome! i really need some giant hex glitter in my life.

  6. pretty! im not a fan of purple but this one is awesome!

  7. This looks very very pretty!

  8. I was on the fence about it but I like it on you. I'm pretty sure I don't need it, though.


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