Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nerd Lacquer The Quantum Bluniverse

More Nerd Lacquer yumminess! This is 2 coats of The Quantum Bluniverse, which is amazing!  Look at that gold flash!

The best thing I love about Nerd Lacquer is that I know glitter is going to come out of the bottle without me fishing the brush around inside trying to get some onto the brush. The second best thing is that I love how she creates exclusive colors for Independant polish sellers....like Ninja Polish!

Nerd Lacquer AND Ninja Polish are both sponsoring my 3,000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY with lots of free polish!

Will you add The Quantum Blunivere to your order if you win?


  1. I am loving this color. i know what u mean about glitter not coming out of the bottle sooo annoying lol

  2. OMG Love it! *falls over* I really like those barely visible blue square glitters. :D

  3. Love this, the chunks of gold and the little blue squares. It's glittericious!! :)

  4. I really want this colour! Looks amazing!


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