Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Serious CGA & Forbidden Fruit Eyeshadows

As soon as Kaz opened shop, I placed an order pronto. She had already wowed me with her BSOD, VT100 and Tux polishes and I wanted the matching cosmetics. Once on there I changed my mind twenty times before choosing CGA and Forbidden Fruit eyeshadows.

This was my Pretty package! The packaging is gorgeous. Seriously, just buy it for the boxes it comes in!

CGA is a color shift pink and purple, packed with shimmer and has an amazing turquoise sparkle. Yes they are crappy swatch pics, I am a polish girl!  Top was applied wet, bottom was applied dry.

Forbidden Fruit is a super bright white that is insanely sparkly. I know most people would use this as a highlight, but I went the whole hog over the eyelid and did the crazy 70's babe thing. This was applied dry over an eye primer.

And here are some more sub standard makeup shots of me wearing CGA on the left eyelid and FB on the right. I am also wearing TUX lipgloss. It was the end of a long day...don't judge.

These pots are HUGE. They contain a full 5 grams of product which is a lot.   Unless you wear the same color every single day and touch it up in the afternoon, these post will probably last you forever.  The jars are also fitted with a sifter so your product doesn't end up all over the mine usually does. 

They each retail at $9.95 and can be purchased from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.


  1. God I love the packaging. It's amazing! I like the end result and you look fab wearing it.

  2. I loooove the look of the packaging!

  3. Is it bad I have a slight obsession with your cheekbones??

    1. You can obsess about any part of my body that u like ;) It's just all blush tho, they dont look like that without it.

  4. look is nice in this way and can be good enough too. your bit dull make up can give you a smarter look and it will suited you the best.


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