Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty & Polished Amazing Technicolor Topcoat!

With my last order from Pretty and Polished I included a mini of The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat (luv the name!).

Chel says: "Every single bottle of the Amazing Technicolor TopCoat is different. The size, shape, and colors are never the same. It will even have a tint to it sometimes because of pigments. The glitters that I use in all of my polishes will end up in this top coat. Making polishes can be a messy job and I always get glitter on my work mat. I always scrap my glitters into a container at the end of the day and save them for this top coat. It's a fun surprise in a bottle!"

Well, my bottle had all different shaped glitter. I managed to pull out hex, star and diamonds at the very least. As each bottle is different, I would love to see links of your manicures with this glitter top coat, please send me the links!

And I layered it over 2 coats of Essence Break Through. Pretty and Polished are sponsoring my AWESOME 3,000 FOLLOWER giveaway so this amazing color can be yours!


  1. I love this purple polish and this combination is so cute .

  2. omg why don't I have Break Through yet? Definitely my next essence.

  3. i love your base colour and the glitter is awesome :)

  4. WoW!!!! Yours is so much more awesome-er than mine! But I love how they are all different.

    1. Really? I need to Google more swatch pics now!

  5. Oh my goodness--what a fun topcoat!


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